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You've Got This video project by Healthline.com offers voices of hope for those living with HIV

August 30, 2013 Linz Smallgrath   Comments

There are over two million people recently diagnosed with HIV worldwide.These are two million people who have felt frightened, anxious unsupported and completely unsure about what the future holds for them. Healthline has launched a new public service initiative with the goal of giving hope and advice to those who have been recently diagnosed with HIV. “You’ve Got This” encourages people to upload a video of themselves letting those with HIV know they are not alone and that they’ve “got this.” The videos will be posted on Healthline.com and shared with the Healthline HIV Awareness Facebook community.

Healthline will donate $10 for every video created to the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation (TRBF) of the World AIDS Institute. TRBF is the first and only organization in the 31-year history of AIDS created with the sole mission of finding a cure, its central tenant is HIV cure awareness, education and to secure cure funding and support cutting-edge therapies.

“Many people who are faced with a recent diagnosis of HIV feel completely alone,” said Director of Marketing, Tracy Rosecrans at Healthline. This initiative is meant to provide them with some hope and a feeling of community. They have a place to go to get some sound advice from those who are dealing with the disease themselves. The goal is to let them know that they can still live a full and healthy life and that they’ve got this.”

“We are proud to be a partner in You’ve Got This,” said Timothy Ray Brown co-founder of the Timothy Ray Brown Foundation of the World AIDS Institute. “The initiative is very much in line with our mission of giving those diagnosed with HIV hope for the future.”

Submit a “You’ve Got This” video and view videos from Jack Mackenroth, Olympian Ji Wallace, Paul Lekakis, Kevin Maloney from Rise Up To HIV, and HIV Blog activist Josh Robbins at http://www.healthline.com/health/hiv-aids/youve-got-this.


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