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Why advertise in Out & About Nashville?

A letter from a long-time supporter

February 7, 2017 Barbara Sanders   Comments

Why did I begin to advertise in Out and About Nashville so many years ago? It’s simple. Advertising helps the magazine/newspaper survive, blossom, and excel in providing a hub for the LGBTQ community in Nashville. That was my first reason to advertise.

But O&AN is not just surviving anymore, it is thriving. Being an advertiser comes with it all the usual benefits: name and service awareness and recognition, increase of publicity so that readers know who you are and what you do, and ultimately perhaps increasing the volume of a business. But, that’s not all.

Yes, we can attend the Pride march and festival every year in order to support the LGBTQ community. We can participate in and donate to other organizations that support the community as well. But, without a local news source, a print and digital magazine that parallels and supplements other information and media resources in the community, Nashville would miss a huge piece of journalistic art.

O&AN not only supplies regular print and digital articles and photos. Years ago, O&AN sprouted into television where a vibrant show is hosted and watched by so many. There is a yearly print edition of services that support and provide for the community, and now I hear that it will become digital. Also, long ago I had submitted to Jerry Jones an article I wrote for publication in O&AN, and since then, I sometimes submit other pieces to O&AN either for digital or print publication, where I share my opinions on holiday stress, suicide and grief, relationship issues, politics, and more.

I would advise any of you who are still reading this piece to think about your own business or businesses that you frequent. Think about asking your business or those businesses you respect if they will also consider advertising in O&AN. What a gift that could be not only to the magazine but to the Nashville and Tennessee population of readers who are discerning and thoughtful, reflective customers and consumers.

Support O&AN when and how you can. Thank you, Jerry Jones, for working so hard and so diligently throughout time. And thank you to the staff who also puts their energy, enthusiasm and hearts into making this magazine be the best it can be!

Barbara Sanders, LCSW, is an advertiser in O&AN, a psychotherapist, activist and writer in Nashville: http://synergeticresolutions.blogspot.com/






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