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Web series explores gay life after 30 ... soon?

TV (online) REVIEW: Dudes

July 7, 2014 Joseph Brant   Comments

So we got this press release a few weeks ago about a new web-only series called Dudes. It's filmed in Chicago and, though just one episode of the proposed five is complete, I figured I'd give it a shot. After a number of years working at the (now-defunct) OutLoud! store here in Nashville, I'd become familiar with the sort of film generated by and reflected toward the LGBT masses. It hasn't always been great.

Dudes, though, isn't bad. I found this article from Chicago Pride that revealed the show was inspired by a story last year from Slate.com ("Meet the Gaybros") about a "Reddit-based community for gay guys with traditionally manly interests like sports, hunting, and beer." Here is the reason I didn't want to just post the press release and leave you at it ...

The show isn't quite as "gaybro" as you might expect. It isn't quite as "after 30" as you might expect, either. Yes, this opinion is based on just one episode so there is room for storylines to develop but, based on that pilot, it's just more gay guys in the city talking about sex all the time.

Don't get me wrong. It's a good show. I enjoyed it and wished the remaining episodes were immediately available. And they will be soon -- according to the Facebook page, filming is complete. And if that's not enough, there's this ...

dudes guy final.jpg

I don't know who he is but it looks good, right?

Here's the official press release, followed by a video interview with one of the lead characters.

CHICAGO, Ill – Chicago is the home to a new web series, Dudes. Created and written by Andrew Pemberton-Fowler, Dudes is a wry, comedic story centered around three gay friends who are all on the wrong side of thirty – and they know it. This smart, witty, and slightly randy comedy has been compared to Sex and the City and Ugly Betty.

When Tyler (Shaun Baer) discovers his long-term boyfriend Jonathan (Nick Freed) cheating on him, he moves in with his ex-boyfriend, David (Ben Burke), a well-bred socialite, and Miles (Brian Greer), an unemployed, yet well paid escort.

The first season of Dudes follows Tyler’s attempts to bounce back in the Chicago dating scene while David and Miles realize their friends are moving on – and no one’s getting younger.

Eager viewers can watch the first episode of Dudes right now at www.dudestheshow.com, the exclusive website on which the series will air. The remaining four episodes of the first season of Dudes are currently being shot on location in Chicago. Check out the Facebook page and Instagram page for behind the scenes pictures.

Join in the fun with behind the scenes footage, actor interviews, production blog, and constant updates on Twitter and Facebook. No matter what, you’ll always know what’s going on with Dudes.

For anyone who’s gone through the scary time of turning thirty and thinking life isn’t exactly where you expected, Dudes is the show for you. Visit the show’s official website www.dudestheshow.com for updates and notifications as content becomes available.




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