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TEP to offer free certified diversity trainer class

July 23, 2012 O&AN Staff Reports   Comments

The Tennessee Equality Project Foundation is offering free training to individuals interested in becoming a certified diversity trainer. This train-the-trainer class will give learners the ability to teach students about GLBT issues, civil rights and diversity.

This class is being lead by Scott Fearing who has assisted many organizations including 3M, Honeywell and General Mills in addition to countless non-profit organizations.

The curriculum is evidence based in content and design with the purpose of effecting change at the individual, group and systemic levels. It will provide strategies the students can use immediately in their jobs and daily life.

Interested parties should possess the following skill set:

1. Experience in teaching, training, and/or group facilitation.
2. Good public speaking skills.
3. A strong commitment to the educational mission of TEPF.
4. A passion for teaching about diversity and inclusion.
5. A well-developed ability to handle different opinions and challenging situations in the classroom.
6. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work well in a team.
7. The availability to attend the "Train the Trainer" class.
8. Commitment to conduct two or three trainings in 2012 or 2013 in your geographic area to police departments when they are scheduled.
9. A strong comfort level with law enforcement personnel.
10. The ability to recognize one's own biases and comfort with working through processes in a group.
11. A commitment to represent the TEP brand in a professional manner in all interactions and at all times.

Graduates from the train-the-trainer program will be included on TEPF's speakers bureau so they can be utilized as certified teachers of diversity to various audiences including law enforcement, businesses, faith organizations and other non-profit organizations.

To apply, please copy the above 11 criteria into an email addressed to Tony Cimino at tscim@bellsouth.net providing examples or information about experiences and background for each of the requirements listed above in one or two sentences. All applicants will be considered by a selection committee. If you have any other questions, please email hg@tnequalityproject.com.


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