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Tennessee parent posts video against transgender bathroom legislation

'Neither she nor I want me in the women's restroom'

March 9, 2017 Joseph Brant   Comments

With news that Rep. Mark Pody has taken his anti-transgender bathroom bill off notice comes this video from a Tennessee parent who speaks out against bathroom bills.

Bran Scott posted the following video to YouTube recently. In it, he emphasizes the needs of his daughter from the Metro Nashville school systems.

"I want her to know that the adults around here care more about things like: are you being kind to people?," he says in the video, and then adds, "Are you trying your best? Have you done your homework? Are you being respectful to your teachers? These are the things I want her to care about."

Watch the video...

It's been an eventful week for anti-trans bathroom bills. The Trump Administration reversed a directive from the Obama Administration that required schools to allow transgender students use of bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity, under the threat of lost federal funding.

In fact, it was announced this week in the fiscal note attached to the Pody and (Senate companion sponsor) Mae Beavers bills that the legislation would cost Tennessee over $1 billion dollars in lost federal funds. 

In the Senate this week, Beavers bill was rolled two weeks.




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