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Tennessee high school student threatened with suspension for attempting to start GSA

Principal says petition started by Nathan Carroll is 'disturbing the educational environment'

September 15, 2011 O&AN Staff Reports   Comments

Nathan Carroll, a senior at Madisonville (Tenn.) High School, has been threatened with suspension after attempts to form a Gay Straight alliance (GSA).

According to LGBTQ Nation, Nathan started a petition at the school to gain support. Other students started an opposing petition.

But despite Nathan’s efforts, and the nearly 150 teens who’ve signed the petition, when he brought it to Principal Maurice Moser, he was threatened with suspension should he proceed in trying to form the GSA.

Additionally, the Principal said that any students found with one of Nathan’s petitions would have the petition torn up and thrown away and that they be sent immediately to his office for further punishment.

When interviewed, Principal Moser claimed that the discussion was "disturbing the educational environment."


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