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2017 edition

April 6, 2017   Comments

For the 11th year in a row, Community Marketing & Insights’ Annual LGBT Community Survey is offering LGBT people across the country, and the globe, the opportunity to weigh in on issues as diverse as consumer habits and political and social concerns.

The survey begins here.

Taking the new 2017 survey about your opinions and preferences will allow businesses, community organizations, and politicians and political groups to understand what is of greatest interest and concern to our community. In the realms of business and politics, this can help effect change quickly, especially given the sheer volume of respondents. CMI reports that in past years as many as 45,000 responses have been received from 150 countries.

Within our community, too, understanding what is at the top of the agenda for their constituents allows community organizations to direct resources and energy toward those issues which are of top concern to those they serve.

You can visit http://bit.ly/2nJZh69 to take the survey, which should take around 10 minutes to complete, and be sure to select "OUT & ABOUT NASHVILLE" as your referring partner. Everyone who completes the survey by May 15 may opt to enter into a draw to win one of twenty $50 cash or gift certificate prizes. 

Community Marketing & Insights has been producing comprehensive research on the LGBT community for leading corporations, organizations and government departments for nearly 20 years. The LGBT Community Survey is conducted in partnership with over 200 community-based magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs and mobile sites, as well as events, organizations and community centers. It presents an annual portrait of where the community stands today, and maintains trend observation and tracking.

Start the survey.





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