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Sen. Campfield files 'Don't Say Gay' bill

Legislation would prohibit teachers from discussing homosexuality in their classrooms

January 17, 2011 O&AN Staff Reports   Comments

Sen. Stacey Campfield has again filed the "Don't Say Gay" bill, SB 0049, which would ban teachers from broaching the topic of homosexuality to students inRep. Stacey Campfield has reintroduced legislation that would prohibit elementary and middle schools from discussing sexual orientation other than heterosexuality in their classrooms. grades K-8.

According to Campfield‘s proposal, public elementary or middle schools would be banned from providing any instruction or materials that discuss sexual orientation other than heterosexuality.

In the last three years, Campfield failed to get the bill out of subcommittee, with the members voting to send it to the state Board of Education for study.

Nondiscrimination bill to be discussed at Metro Council meeting

The Metro Contract Accountability Non-Discrimination Ordinance sponsored by council members Jamie Hollin and Mike Jameson is up for the first of three votes on Tuesday, Jan. 18. This piece of legislation would require contractors to agree not to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The bill is expected to be pulled from other bills on first reading, and a council member will ask for a separate vote. All bills are passed on the first of three votes under council procedures. That would break typical council protocol which has all bills on first reading passing during one vote.

"This legislation has appeared quickly so it's important that we act fast to support it," said Chris Sanders, Nashville committee chairman of Tennessee Equality Project. "We have an opportunity to make gains for equality that will touch communities all over Tennessee because Metro vendors come from Memphis, Knoxville, Columbia, Springfield, Parsons, Dickson, Lebanon, and Spring Hill as well as from Nashville."


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