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Nashville Dinner Theatre attacked by vandals

According to owner Kaine Riggan, individuals tossed eggs at 'RENT' actors after recent production

April 20, 2011 O&AN Staff Reports   Comments

According to Kaine Riggan, the owner of Nashville Dinner Theatre, anti-gay vandals have harassed actors after recent performances of the hit Broadway musical RENT.

Two of the actors in the show were standing outside of the historic theatre on 3rd Avenue North downtown when a carload of teenage vandals started tossing eggs at them and shouting anti-gay slurs.

Overnight, the doors of the theatre were papered with flyers and pamphlets for the local Church of Scientology.

Again on Saturday night, handwritten notes claiming "God Hates Queers" and other similar messages were tacked to the exterior of the theatre and RENT advertisements were ripped down.

"It's a shame that anyone would target RENT for any type of protests based on hate, since the show's main theme is love and acceptance" admits Kaine Riggan, the owner of the theatre. "It's a head banging rock and roll musical with a major boy meets girl plot. I wish I could offer the vandals some comp tickets to see the show, because I'm afraid they've missed the point."

The show continues at the Nashville Dinner Theatre through mid-May.


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