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Metro Councilman Jamie Hollin proposes resolution to honor protesters of 'Don't Say Gay' bill

July 2, 2011 V.I. Privett   Comments

A resolution proposed by Metro Councilman Jamie Hollin would honor those students who protested Senate Bill SB00049, nicknamed the “Don't Say Gay” bill.

The protest—which was started by Brandon Holt and Erin Amlicke, seniors at Martin Luther King Jr. Magnate School in Nashville—grew from a dozen students to hundreds who stood outside the Capitol Building “day after day and week after week,” said Chris Sanders, of the Tennessee Equality Project (TEP).

The students were protesting the bill, which proposed a ban on Tennessee teachers teaching about homosexuality to elementary and middle school students.

Hollin believes the students deserved to be honored for their work: “They were out every time the bill was being considered in the senate. Every time it was delayed they came back and every time they came back they had more people with them.”

Sanders was impressed with the students activism.

“They (the students) know danger when they see it. We had been talking about the danger to them and they testified to that danger in a very powerful way,” he said. “Clearly the people closest to this issue, our next generation, have made up their minds. They spoke out for those too young to speak out.”


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