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With guitars, glitter and line dancing in abundance, Kylie Minogue goes (kinda) country with 'Dancing'

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February 9, 2018 Joseph Brant   Comments

Global superstar Kylie Minogue revealed in a new interview with Rolling Stone that she spent part of July last year in Nashville, and that her time in the city greatly influenced the sound we'll find on her upcoming album, Golden.

We'll have to wait until April to hear the entire production, but our interest is certainly piqued with this new single, "Dancing." 

No great surprise, it's a pop confection and, despite claims of being influenced by a visit to Nashville, Minogue outright acknowledges in the interview that she and her team spent a great deal of time on YouTube researching... line dancing?

What we concluded was that it's almost the opposite to a lot of the dancing that we normally do. We normally do stuff that's really fluid in the torso, a lot of circular or figure-8 movements. You're moving your whole body. With line dancing, God knows none of us are experts – it's like a duck. The top half doesn't seem to do much, and everything is happening below. The dancers were struggling as well. We've got our version of line dancing, and at the end of the video I'm dancing with death. It sounds grim, but it does look beautiful. But if we avoided that, it wouldn't be true to the song.

Though it might appear—on the basis of that information alone—that she visited Nashville in 1994 and not 2017, Minogue does acknowledge the proliferation of bachelorette parties one will find downtown.

As for the video: 

Directed by Sophie Muller – her pitch was "Dolly Parton meets Day of the Dead." It's not specifically Parton, but I thought it was a very bold and good interpretation of what the lyrics are.

See for yourself. And then see if you can get this earworm out of your head the rest of today.

The snaps and claps are downright fun, yes? 

Read the full article (Kylie Minogue on Discovering Country, Taking on Kylie Jenner and Her Vulnerable New LP) at RollingStone.com





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