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FAVES & RAVES 2017: Places

December 3, 2017   Comments

What are our readers’ favorite places to go relax, see a show, catch a movie, or find a good book? This year, as in the past, it seems that we prefer our old favorites, though there were a couple of surprises this year.


Live Music Venue — Ryman Auditorium

When it comes to music venues, none in Nashville have the history, the ambience, or the attraction of The Ryman Auditorium, it seems, as the “Mother Church of Country Music” again tops our readers’ poll. Repurposed as a premier performance hall after reopening in 1994, and subsequently declared a National Historic Landmark in 2001, the Ryman continues to host the “Opry at the Ryman,” as well as extremely diverse musical offerings, from Harry Styles to soul music.


Hotel — Millennium Maxwell House Hotel

One of Nashville’s most well-known hotels, The Millennium Maxwell House Hotel is conveniently located in Metro Center just five minutes from downtown, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and major Nashville attractions.


Place to Take Visitors — Downtown / Broadway

From the live music and ambience of the clubs and bars in the eclectic Printers Alley to the neon-lit honky tonks of Broadway, downtown Nashville is a music lover’s paradise, especially for those who like local acts. After all, we live in a city where most of the waiters are more than qualified to be in the house band. Add to that tour the historical and cultural venues, from the Country Music Hall of Fame to the Frist, and downtown via Broadway is enough to entertain even the choosiest of visitors.


Spiritual Place — Holy Trinity Community Church

For a second year in a row, this place of worship has been chosen by our readers. Holy Trinity Community Church is one of Nashville’s most LGBT-affirming houses of worship—a role they’ve worn publicly for years. A regular presence in our community, and a visible presence at Pride for a number of years, Holy Trinity is our favorite spiritual place this year!


Bookstore — Parnassus Books

For years our readers have chosen Tennessee’s used book chain, McKay, as our favorite place to buy books, but this year Parnassus came in to take the top spot. Parnassus has a lofty mission statement, “Mt. Parnassus in Greek mythology is the home of literature, learning and music. We will be Nashville’s Parnassus by providing a refuge for Nashvillians of all ages who share in the love of the written word. We will partner with and support local writers and artists, businesses and institutions. We will strive to bring readers the best books in literature, non-fiction, children’s books, local interest and the arts in both printed and digital formats. We will provide venues for writers to connect with readers, and readers to connect with books. By doing this we hope to complement and add to the rich cultural character of the Athens of the South.” And our readers seem pleased.


Movie Theatre — Belcourt

The Belcourt is classic theater, capable of hosting stage shows and big screen features. This Nashville institution brings the best independent films to Nashville, while serving up classic movies (and cocktails from the bar) in various genres and hosting cultural events, such as Nashville’s Jewish Film Festival. Its recent renovations have updated this Nashville intuition and guarantee it will continue to serve our community for years to come!




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