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Christian TV host joins equality ride for gays

Recently ‘outed’ Azariah Southworth will join Equality Ride this Fall

July 2, 2008 O&AN Staff Reports   Comments

Nashvillian Azariah Southworth, who recently came out as a Christian TV host of a popular Christian program, has now announced he will join Soulforce on their annual Equality Ride this fall.

“I’m so excited to be a part of a passionate and young group, working towards equal rights for GLBT students at these Christian colleges. It will be a life changing experience for me, I’m excited to learn each of their stories," Southworth said. "I know we will be greeted with hostility at some campuses and arrested if we enter onto their property, but it will be worth it. Their policies of discrimination must end. I’m excited to be a part of something which is beginning the end of these policies.”

Equality Ride is a annual six week tour with GLBT and straight students who peacefully protest. The “Riders” offer Christian college’s that expel students and fire staff for being gay open dialogue to discuss the issue of homosexuality and the Bible, many colleges decline to participate.

Azariah Southworth has already had a year full of life changing experiences. Southworth hosted a popular Christian TV show until coming out to Out & About Newspaper readers as gay on April 16, 2008. After his ‘coming out’ made national news on Fox News, HuffingtonPost.com, PerezHilton.com and many others, Southworth was diagnosed with a rare tumor a month later.

“It has definitely been a very challenging time in my life. Dealing with the attention of ‘coming out’, new projects, speaking engagements, the tumor, moving to L.A., etc. I’m ready now to do something worthwhile and exciting like, Equality Ride.” says Southworth.

For more information on the Equality Ride visit, www.equalityride.com.


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