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ABC's 'Nashville' goes gay

An almost gay kiss goes horribly wrong

May 2, 2013 Joseph Brownell   Comments

As if the glamorous Connie Britton and the gay-fave Hayden Panettiere were not enough to tune into Nashville, ABC gave gay audiences another reason to watch last night . . . Chris Carmack.

Carmack, best known for his roles on OC and Desperate Housewives, joins the first season of Nashville for its last six episodes. He plays Will, a neighbor to Scarlett and Gunnar. In last night's episode, Will befriended Gunnar and in their final scene tried to kiss him. Gunnar wasn't having it.

Nashville has actively sought to authenticate the Nashville experience and since there is a large GLBT community, it was only a matter of time. Does this storyline have anything to do with the Lipstick Lounge being used as a set location last week? Are you even still watching Nashville? If not, will you tune back in? Sound off below!


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